Online Animal Research Study

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The Animal Study


  What do we research?

Our research explores the development of memory in children ages 8-13. We are interested in investigating how children self-reflect about their memories (called metacognition) and how this guides their decision-making through an online study.


 What happens during the study?

In this study, your child will learn about animals! Your child will complete computer games assessing memory and cognition and a parent will fill out questionnaires about their child online. The study is held over TWO Zoom video conferencing sessions taking place about a day apart. Each session will last up to 60 minutes. Families will receive a $15 electronic gift card to a major retailer of their choice (Target, Starbucks, Amazon, etc.) for each session completed, for a total of $30 if both sessions are completed. Children will also receive a certificate.


  Who is eligible?

Children must be between the ages of 8- to 13-years-old, speak and understand English, have no known developmental/neurological disorders, and not be colorblind.


  What are the risks and benefits?

This study is meant for researchers to learn more about how memory develops throughout childhood. There are minimal risks associated with participating in this study. Participants may feel bored or frustrated with not knowing the answer to a question.


 How can I participate?

To participate in the online study, please email us at We will contact you with a few screening questions to ensure your child is eligible to participate and then provide you with the link to the study.


 How can I contact you?

The Cognitive Development Lab is located in the University of Colorado Colorado Springs Psychology Department and is directed by Dr. Diana Selmeczy. For more information please contact us or fill out the form below.